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Welcome to Fire Kissed Goldens

Clearwater, Minnesota

Meet the

About Us

We are a small family breeder located in Clearwater, Minnesota. While I have always loved dogs, my heart breed will always be golden retrievers. Growing up we had mainly springer spaniels, but the dog who won my heart was Buddy, the golden retriever we got when I was in 2nd grade. He was my best friend and constant companion up until the end. After he passed I couldn't wait for the day I would bring my own golden retriever home. In 2016 my husband and I brought home Arya, our first dog together. She has been the greatest addition to our lives, and even though she isn't used for breeding she is still a vital member of our home. She is the reason we decided to start raising and breeding golden retrievers.


Our Dogs Are...


AKC Registered

Health Tested


Our goal is to produce healthy high quality dogs that can succeed in any venue. Our dogs are titled with AKC and UKC in a variety of events. The main focus being on hunt tests, but we also title through trick dog and have started training for dock diving and CGC. Some of our past puppies have went to service dog homes, search and rescue, or just all around family/hunting companions. 

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