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Entei & Tater

Litter Expected 05/10/2024


About the Litter

Entei had an ultrasound on April 11th to confirm her pregnancy. We are expecting puppies to be born around May 10th. Entei is our upland dog through and through. She has great drive and desire, and nothing gets her as excited as a live bird. In the home she is a complete couch potato with a great off switch. Entei has her Stated Hunting Retriever title, and will finish her Junior Hunter this coming summer. We will also be trying out other sports such as dock diving and obedience with her in the future. Tater is a marking machine. He had his Master hunter and qualifying placements before the age of 3. He is an excellent water fowl dog and an even better upland dog. Tater loves to train and has in incredible drive, but also has a fantastic off switch when in the home and makes a great family dog. We paired him with Entei in hopes to create puppies that have that drive and desire to please, while also having a good off switch in the home. Hopefully making great all around family or hunting/sport dogs.

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