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Purchase Details

  • What is the process for purchasing a puppy?
    Contact us through our online application form. We will review the application and contact you either via phone or email for follow up questions or to get you on our waitlist. You can request a specific litter, or just be put into our general folder for the next available litter. Once our female comes into heat we contact everyone on our waitlist in order of deposits received to either confirm interest or move on to the next. We will collect a $500 deposit at the time of contact for 3 early male and 3 early female deposits. After the litter is born we will contact everyone on the list that did not get an early deposit spot. Deposits are non-refundable. Once a deposit is received, that will hold your selection order for picking your puppy. Puppy selection starts at 7 weeks old, once we know their personalities better. Puppies can start going home at 8 weeks old. While we do allow our buyers to select their puppy, we provide input and have final say in whether or not that puppy will be a good match for what you are looking for. If we do not feel it is a good fit we retain the right to select an appropriate puppy for your needs.
  • Payments and Deposits
    We take 3 early male and 3 early female deposits for each litter. If you contact us before the litter takes place we will put you on our waitlist. You can be on our waitlist for a specific breeding, or the next available breeding. When the female comes into heat we will go through our waitlist in order of inquires received. At that time we will collect a $500 deposit, which will hold your selection order. Deposits are non-refundable. However, if we do not have enough of the requested sex we will refund the deposit. You do have the option of switching to the opposite sex, or bumping the deposit to the next available litter. Litter price is dependent on the specific breeding taking place, but expect to pay between $2,200 and $2,800. If you are interested in a puppy out of a specific female you can contact us and we will let you know the pricing of their next litter. We don't have a set puppy price, as it really depends on what our female has accomplished prior to breeding, as well as the stud we use. Payments can be made through Venmo or cash. We do accept personal checks for DEPOSITS ONLY. No personal checks for final payment.
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