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Upcoming Litters

Iggy & Angus


Iggy gave birth to 5 girls and 3 boys on 1/7/24. We have 2 males available from this litter.These will be excellent hunt test, hunting companion, family pets, or sport dogs. Iggy has great drive and is extremely biddable. Her marking abilities are phenomenal, and she runs solid blinds. She is levelheaded and a fun dog to run. In the home she has an excellent off switch. You would never know she has her MH if you met her outside of the field. Angus and his titles speak for themselves. He's a fantastic field dog with an off switch in the home.

We expect these pups to have drive to go in any direction you want to take them, with an off switch that will make them an incredible family pet as well. Iggy has pups from her previous litter training for hunt tests, sports, and task orientated service dogs. 

Available Started dogs



Groot is a Gracie/Poncho pup. He will be training this year to become a started gun dog by this fall. He will be through basic obedience, intro to guns and birds, collar conditioning, force fetch, and potentially have a JH or SHR title before he goes home. We are very excited to watch him grow and learn! His parents are both phenomenal hunt test dogs and it will be fun to see how Groot develops.

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