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Fire Kissed Goldens

Our Program

Raising Golden Retrievers Responsibly Since 2022


Fire Kissed Goldens is located in the small drive through town of Clearwater, Minnesota. Our journey began in early 2019 when we made the decision to add a second golden to our family. After a lifetime of experience working with, training, and being involved with dogs we made the decision to start a breeding program. We purchased Iggy from a breeder out in Idaho, and couldn't be happier with our foundation dog. We brought her home in early 2020 with high hopes and she has exceeded our expectations. With no experience training dogs for hunt tests, we decided to seek out help from a professional trainer and have developed a great relationship with River Bottom Dog Training. 

Our dogs are tested and cleared for the GRCA recommended health tests including OFA hips, elbows, eyes, cardiac, thyroid, and a panel for recessive genetic diseases. We title our dogs through AKC and UKC hunt tests, and have started introducing dock diving in hopes that we can get into that as well as some other fun sports for the dogs. 

We breed not only to better the breed, but also in the hopes of bettering the lives of others within our community. Our program focuses on the use of puppy culture, early neurological stimulation, and early scent introduction. This helps set all of our puppies up for success in their new families and new lives. We have placed puppies into service work, search and rescue, sports homes, family hunting dogs, and family companions. We are blessed to have been able to partner with a few different organizations by donating puppies to a handler in need of a new working partner(search and rescue/service work). We hope to continue to find ways to give back to our community through these wonderful organizations. 

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